I have enjoyed teaching many women during this special period in their lives. Some of my clients started working with me during their first pregnancies and have continued their work for subsequent pregnancies!

Pre-Natal Pilates

If you are pregnant, Pilates is a wonderful way to prepare your body for birth while maintaining core and spinal health. I have taken a certification course on pre and post-natal Pilates training. I will adjust all of the exercises and equipment to accommodate your body at each stage of your pregnancy.

I highly recommend this book to all of my pre-natal clients.  The Female Pelvis is a wonderful book to help women visualize what happens during birth and includes a great chapter of exercises to prepare.  Kegels are recommended by health-professionals for expecting women. This book takes it to the next level.

Post-Natal Pilates

Once your doctor has cleared you for exercise (typically around 6 weeks after birth for natural births, often longer after cesarians) I would be happy to begin working with you to reconnect to your core muscles and pelvic floor.  We will work on gentle strengthening of your body and tend to any special needs you may have during the recovery period.